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How to choose a good brand?
A good brand is the guarantee of perfect service and high quality. To choose a reliable brand, customers could take such factors into consideration:
The manufacturing enterprise is a large-scale one or not among domestic companies. Generally speaking, scale production is the guarantee of excellent quality;
Customers could check whether the enterprise has advanced Machineries & Equipments and the excellent ability of manufacturing and R&D of entire motorcycles. The quality of the motorcycle determines on the inner quality of its engine and its main frame;
The strict quality control system and the certification of ISO9001 are a symbol of high-level quality management and participation of international competence. The domestic and International attestation by normal technology supervision department is also anther important factor for reference;
The promises of enterprise, such as: the warranty period, the specific department to maintain, the nearby maintenance station founded or appointed by the enterprise, should also be taken into consideration;
Customers could check an enterprise’s edge through some authoritative statistics, such as: export rankings among competitors, pass rate of products, market share, rankings of sales and honors awarded by national authoritative departments;
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