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purchase tip
①.    Choose a famous brand, in case of no place to complain after purchase. A famous brand is a prerequisite to guarantee the performance, quality, after-sale service and customers’ legitimate rights and interests;
②.     Because of the levy of fuel tax, people should consider whether it is a gas-saving and four-stroke motorcycle;
③.     For your own safety and the happiness of your family, please do not buy products with low quality at low price. Generally speaking, high price means good quality. To choose upper-scale products like motorcycles, customers should consider whether it is safe and durable, whether the engine factory is professional enough, whether the company has good service and credit standing, whether the mode and design can meet your needs instead of choosing low price;
④.     Please go to the appointed stores to purchase motorcycle. Whether the store has the authorization of producer and the ability of maintaining is also an important factor for your decision;
⑤.     Before your decision, you should learn about some basic knowledge of motorcycle and maintenance so as to make a better choice;
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