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skill to maintain
I  Repair of bushed chain
    The bushed chain of motorcycle almost became longer and caused some noises after some time. Generally speaking, to increase the rigidity and strength of spring is the generally used method to repair it. The joints and clearance between chains would become looser or larger after the long-time use and abrasion. In fact, the chain can be used continually, if it is repaired as follows:
◆ Dismantle the small chain and put it on a flat;
◆ Knock every pin of the joint very gently with hand sinker in case of harming the chain;
◆ Keep knocking it until the pin gets shorter to the normal condition;
◆ Besides such methods above, the badly damaged chain should be dismantled and jointed together reversely to make a better effort.
◆ Reject the totally damaged chain
II  Noises on the crank
    At the joint of cylinder and crank case, there is a bored and lower noise, which increases with the acceleration of engine. Such steps should be followed to solve it:
◆ Dismantled the crank;
◆ Dismantled the 304 bearing in the crank by special tools;
◆ Made a proper piece of paper by the cylinder gasket; (the paper’s thickness should be 40 mm)
◆ Put the paper on the right crank rod and press it on the 304 bearing to change the scope of crank’s movement;
◆ Putting stuffs into the chamber of crank bearing is prohibited
III Short supply of oil caused by protruding of oil pump cover
    During the driving, the oil pump cover often protrudes, and then causes shortage supply of oil to the engine. It may happen from time to time after repeated repairs. This is often caused by some complex factors during the installation, such as, the intermittence of oil pump nod and oil pump sprocket nod. This often makes the hitting between parts. The hitting power between them may be transferred to the oil pump cover, and then causes a gas leak and the intermittence of oil supply. According to this, such steps can be followed to solve the problem:
◆ Put the O-ring (behind the stator) on the oil pump axle;
Smooth the oil pump cover;
After the repair above, this problem will not happen any more
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